Irish theme is used in at least one slot for almost every developer of games for online casinos. Therefore, it is not surprising that NetEnt decided to release slot machine, which tells about the culture, traditions and mythology of the Irish. This game is unlikely to impress high-quality animation and graphics, if you compare it with the newer slots from the collection of this provider. However, it has some features, because of which many online casino sites still offer it to gamblers. First of all, this is due to the theme that the game uses. Leprechauns, ale and cheerful folk music are still on hearing. Secondly, there are special Wilds with interesting features. Thanks to these the spinning of the reels ceases to be a routine.

Main Theme

Some countries are inconspicuous at first glance but have a strong energy that will make you fall in love with these once and for all. We are talking about Ireland, which never entered the UK and borrowed only a language that has a special melody from the lips of the indigenous people. By the way, the Irish are a friendly and cheerful people with their traditions, which are observed. Everything that is associated with Ireland and its people can be found on the reels of Golden Shamrock slots game. If you are not Irish, but love this people, then this game deserves your attention.

Interesting Features

Golden Shamrock by NetEnt is a 5-reels penny slot with 20 game lines. You will be able to make bets using virtual coins in denominations from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50. The game line accepts up to 10 coins of any denomination. This means that you can put up to $ 5 per line and up to $ 100 per spin. The minimum bet is 1 cent. However, playing too carefully you will not be able to get a substantial profit.
Additional features:
1)      A round with free spins is available.
2)      The presence of special symbols (Scatter and Wild).
3)      Testing the gameplay in demo mode is available.
4)      You have a chance to return to 96.4% of the rates from the total prize fund of this game.
5)      The probability of forming winning combinations is 39.3%. This means that every second-third spin in Golden Shamrock is potentially winning.
6)      The probability of obtaining succession with 3 Scatters is 1.087%. Theoretically, every 92th spin will allow you to launch a bonus round with a free spin.


In this game you will see three horizontal lines, each of which contains 5 symbols. Three or more identical symbols located next to each other form a paid combination. Keep in mind that any such combination should begin with the leftmost reel. Since Golden Shamrock contains different symbols, you will receive a different payment for the resulting combination of different symbols. Some symbols are low-paid and only allow you to return the amount of your bet or part of it. Some symbols have special functions and can change the kind of paid combinations. More about them will be described below.


Golden Shamrock slot is a game with the usual user interface for many casino players. Before starting to play, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the game and see the available paid combinations. "?" (located in the lower left corner of the screen) and Paytable (located under the reels) buttons will help you to do this.
Using the green buttons located under the reels, you can select the coin value, determine the number of coins to bet on the line, select the required number of lines, and run the spinning reels.
We are talking about the Bet Max button separately, since it is intended for those casino players who like to take risks. However, this risk is often justified. This button will allow you in one click to set a bet of $ 100 (the maximum possible bet size in the Golden Shamrock slot machine).
Autoplay mode is available thanks to the corresponding button. Adjust the speed of the reels, as well as the quality of the graphics and the volume of the sound with the buttons that are in the lower left corner of the game window.
Since during the rotation of the reels you will hear a short passage of the most popular Irish melody, this can quickly get bored. We recommend turning off the sound if you are not a true patriot of Ireland.

Game Symbols

All the symbols in the game are devoted to the Irish theme will give you a charge of optimism and a good mood. These qualities, combined with diligence and dedication have helped the Irish to get along well in the US and achieve considerable success. You will see colorful bags with card symbols, a pot of gold coins, a leprechaun hat, mugs with ale, a smoking pipe and other symbols.
Special symbols in Golden Shamrock are:
1)      Leprechaun, which is a Wild-symbol. The leprechaun can appear only on reels with numbers 2,3 and 4. It is able to expand on the entire reel and replace the missing symbols to form paid combinations on active lines. Unfortunately, the magic Leprechaun is not enough to replace a happy symbol of the shamrock.
2)      Scatter this is the symbol of the shamrock, which cannot be replaced by Wild. The combination of three such symbols does not require the condition that it should begin with the leftmost reel. Land 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels and get access to the bonus round with free spins.

Bonus Round

Golden Shamrock provides an opportunity for each player to determine independently the number of free spins in the bonus round, as well as the size of the multiplier used to increase the amount of winnings. To do this, just click on the shamrock before the start of the round. The maximum multiplier is x5.
There is a possibility of another combination of three Scatters during the bonus round, which will bring you some extra free spins. All additional spins will be summed up.


This game without a progressive jackpot. However, you have a good chance of getting a tidy sum of money. Just collect 5 symbols of pots with gold coins on the reels to get the x4000 prize. The golden horseshoe, which many consider a symbol of luck, will bring a generous prize x2000, if you land 5 such symbols on the reels.


Looking at this slot, you immediately remember St. Patrick's Day, which is celebrated by Irish people around the world. Such an association will arise due to the abundance of greenery. Also, you will like interesting characters in the game, animation and quality sounds.

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As for the gameplay, Golden Shamrock is a slot with relatively low volatility indicators and a short cycle. It is often recommended for wagering bonuses from casino welcome packs.
However, its key feature is a bonus round with a generous multiplier and the ability to receive additional free spins. Since 3 Scatters appear quite often, this can be the main factor in deciding whether to choose this slot to play on real money.

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